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Halo’s Seasonal Treatment

The Triple Enzyme Facial is packed with three times the benefits for younger, more vibrant looking skin.  With the triple enzyme action of spring pineapples, cherries and grapes, you will see triple the results!!   The valuable layering of enzymes and acids will exfoliate keratin and support tissue regeneration.   This potent treatment will leave the skin smooth, radiant and soft to the touch .  It is a perfect blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and skin brightening agents that will benefit the skin and protect it from the aging effects of external elements – sun radiation.

Halo’s Signature Treatment

Customization is core concept of CORNELIA. We appreciate your uniqueness. Each person’s skin and body is affected by age, diet, emotional dynamics, and exposure to the environment, creating a distinct essence. That essence is constantly changing, constantly evolving. Cornelia master therapists, together with you, meticulously custom tailor each service to reflect and connect with the most subtle aspects of how you look and feel in the moment. Time-honored remedies are blended with exotic botanicals and proven scientific innovations. We are dedicated to delivering carefully crafted, results-driven spa treatments, enhanced with elegant sensory touches.